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Airport Simulator 2019

Simulation/ Management

You are managing a huge international airport! Your duties start from staff management to purchasing of vehicles and their maintenance up to the management of an ever-growing selection of different airlines. In the beginning it's all up to you!

Later on you get your own employees which you have to educate they support you and handle several tasks. Refuelling and navigation of the jetway and also the baggage cars, busses and fire brigade are up to you. Take care for the security to make sure everything is runs smoothly. Step by step you will collect more experience and the airport is getting larger and larger. So you will manage more runways and gate, planes and passengers – as you see, there is a lot to do, so let's get it started!



- Giantic realistic airport

- Airport is growing through the experience of the player

- Staff scheduling and training

- Intelligent AI and helper-animations

- Get in and control any vehicle you want on the airport by yourself!




Release Date: Coming 2018
Rating: PEGI 3
Publisher: Toplitz Productions

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